Friday, December 28, 2007


RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Bekas Presiden Pakistan, wanita berkarisma, cekal dan berani, Benazir Bhutto 54 tahun, meninggal dunia sekejap tadi. Saya membaca ini semasa sign in di YM. Kemudian berbual panjang dengan Halela menjawab offline messagenya yang rupanya dah tiga hari tidak berjawab. Masih lagi terkejut dengan berita kematian Benazir... Insiden ini merupakan klimak menjelang pilihan raya Pakistan yang akan diadakan pada 8 Januari nanti.

Petikan di Yahoo:
The attacker struck just minutes after Bhutto addressed thousands of supporters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, 8 miles south of Islamabad. She was shot in the neck and chest by the attacker, who then blew himself up, said Rehman Malik, Bhutto's security adviser.

Sardar Qamar Hayyat, a leader from Bhutto's party, said he was standing about 10 yard away from Bhutto's vehicle.

"She was inside the vehicle and was coming out from the gate after addressing the rally when some of the youths started chanting slogans in her favor," he said. "Then I saw a thin, young man jumping to her vehicle from the back and opening fire. Moments later, I saw her speeding vehicle going away."

At least 20 others were killed in the attack. Bhutto was rushed to the hospital and taken into emergency surgery. She died about an hour after the attack.

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